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Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy

West Africa Catering Nigeria recognizes and actively promotes the importance of achieving the highest practical standards of health, safety and environment at all times. Therefore, we want to conduct our operations in a manner that will help prevent accidents, injuries, and dangers to the health and well being of our employees, customers, and the general public.

The company's policy will however not conflict with the customers' procedure in place; provided such procedures are in line with the government legislation.

The management will fulfill its commitments and responsibilities through the implementation of HSE Management System. WACN supports these commitments by developing awareness and providing training and resources for all personnel to perform their duties safely while protecting the environment. All employees are expected to observe the safety regulations as stipulated by our safety program, safety manual and commonly recognized safe working practices in the exercise of their duties. Unsafe practices and conditions, as well as accidents, must be reported to the immediate supervisor for necessary actions. Safe work practice is a condition of employment at WAC Nigeria.

Control of accidents is the responsibility of all employees and accountability rests with the supervisors and managers of each operation while the HSE department will monitor and report compliance to the chief executive.

Finally, no job is so important and no service is so urgent that time cannot be taken to perform them safely.

Community Relations Policy Statement

community relations

West Africa Catering recognizes the importance of contributing to the well being of the communities where we operate. We view the maximization of local content as playing a key role in the communities well being and the relationship between West Africa Catering and the community.

Open dialog between community representatives and our company are maintained in a continuous effort to equitably support each local community where our services are provided.

Our support of the local communities takes several forms:

  • Employment - We are committed to employing a fair amount of team members from the population where we operate. You will note on our organizational chart that Nigerian team members hold senior level positions in our organization. The cross cultural management experience is a benefit to the education of our Nigerian and expatriate team members.  Nigerian citizens make up over 90% of the entire workforce at West Africa Catering.  
  • Financial Investment - The capital required to construct warehouse and office facilities shows an important commitment to the communities of Nigeria, as well as, confidence in the long-term success of the country and its citizens.
  • Support of Indigenous Companies - We have supported, financially and with business commitments, the registration of new indigenous companies with local and community leadership / ownership.
  • Educational Support - We have supported individuals for a work-study program.

West Africa Catering Nigeria, Ltd. recognizes its roll as a neighbor and corporate citizen of the communities where we live and work.