• Supply Chain & Logistics Support


Supply Chain & Logistics Support

A well positioned, effective supply chain is a must to provide great facilities management services in Nigeria.  

At West Africa Catering, food service, supplies and equipment are sourced throughout the world and brought into the HEART BEAT OF OUR SUPPLY CHAIN - THE ONNE OIL & GAS FREE ZONE WAREHOUSE.

  • 5,000 square meters (SQM) of temperature controlled space on a 20,000 SQM yard:
    • 1,500 square meters of freezer
    • 1,200 square meters of chiller
    • 2,300 square meters of temperature controlled dry space


  • Frozen goods are pulled, packaged and staged in our freezer facilities where the temperature is maintained at 0° F(-18 C).
  • Frozen goods remain frozen from the original supply source to the time they are received at our remote job sites.


  • Produce and Dairy items are stored, packaged and staged in a chiller that maintains a temperature of 39° F (+4 C).
  • All goods are checked for quality and accuracy of pulling when placed in the staging area.
  • Supplies are loaded into WAC chiller containers for transportation from the warehouse to a remote location.


  • Dry goods are stored in a temperature controlled warehouse at approximately 72° F (+22 C) and relative humidity of 60% or less to keep our products in great condition.
  • Dry goods are pulled and packaged based on the requisitions sent in from the remote locations.

TRANSPORTATION to the remote location

  • WAC provides Freezer, Chiller and Dry Storage containers, with independent power supply units (generators), designed to safely transport food supplies between our warehouse and our customers remote locations or remote dock site.
  • WAC owns and operates a fleet of refrigerated delivery trucks, vans and flat bed trucks designed to facilitate the transport of supplies between our warehouses and our customer dock sites or camp sites.


  • WAC maintains a computer software system designed to assist in the management of our inventory control process.

EQUIPMENT to support remote site services

  • Refrigerated Cargo Containers
  • Properly Slinged Dry Cargo Boxes
  • Large & Portable Power Supply Generators
  • Delivery Trucks and Personnel Vans
  • Tractor/Trailer Rigs
  • Fully Equipped Camp Kitchens
  • Fully Equipped Camp Laundries
  • Warehouse Equipment:  Freezer, Chillers, Lift Trucks & Light Equipment°